Four-Column Hydraulic ZHS Press

Four-column hydraulic ZHS presses are production presses designed for drawing, cutting, and other forming operations. Standard as well as special accessories are similar to those in ZH presses. The frame and dimensions of the press are adapted to customer requirements. The basic range includes presses with the following parameters.

Four-column hydraulic presses

Standard equipment

  • fluent pressing force regulation
  • pressing speed regulation
  • safety modules
  • two-handed control
  • digital pressure gauge and switch
  • stroke counter
  • Siemens control system
  • Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic components
  • adjustable pressing time

Special accessories

  • safety light curtain
  • upper blankholder and ejector
  • lower blankholder
  • foot control
  • working space lighting
  • oil filling
  • cutting shock absorbers
  • continuous position sensing
  • electronic pressing force adjustment
  • additional accessories as agreed


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